The fresh new Enneagram Intense classes offered forty five–fifty education era, and Introductory Enneagram trainings offered ranging from 10 and you may 20 training times

The fresh new Enneagram Intense classes offered forty five–fifty education era, and Introductory Enneagram trainings offered ranging from 10 and you may 20 training times

7 Enneagram training courses have been considering between 2005 and 2007, four from which was in fact extreme programs and three where was basically introductory programmes. Set up a baseline analysis (pretest) taken place up until the degree first started and you may a follow-up evaluation (posttest) occurred eighteen months adopting the baseline assessment.

The initial 18 stems away from WUSCT Mode 81 was indeed administered in the the beginning of each of the classes. eighteen months immediately after government of the pretest, the very last 18 stems of WUSCT was indeed shipped to each and every data new member to own a follow-up comparison. A personal-managed stamp package try provided for people have been requested so you can finish the function within this 2 weeks and you may send it back on considering come back address because of the mail. Discover a keen 84% return rate of the mailed WUSCT models (n = 136 returned out-of 162 players). After the 14 versions were taken off individuals who took part in brand new unscheduled additional work out, the very last attempt contained 122 people.

Enneagram Intensive Classes

This new Enneagram Intense Programmes went at the certain times as well as other locations ranging from 2005 and you can 2006, that have primarily an identical educators. One or two classes for each totaling as much as 45 h took place in Asheville, New york, anywhere between 2005 and 2006, and you will each other courses was in fact co-facilitated from the exact same key faculty (DD and you will TS). Three courses for each totaling as much as 50 h took place into the 2006. A couple of around three classes took place in Menlo Playground, Ca (one in January plus one in August), and you will a 3rd education taken place during the Scottsdale, AZ. Core professors DD co-triggerred all three ones classes. Center faculty TS co-facilitated the 2 Menlo Park courses, plus one center faculty PO co-triggerred each other Menlo Playground ().

Introductory Enneagram Trainings

The 3 Enneagram Introductory Courses was considering ranging from 2006 and you will 2007 and provided anywhere between 6 and you will 20 knowledge period. The original Introductory movement taken place on one date within the Berkeley, Ca, that have key professors PO and you can teacher Desktop computer; this package-big date knowledge live whenever 6 h. The following Basic course happened more just one weekend for the Minnesota within the 2007 which have center professors DD and you will TS and you can survived approximately thirteen h in total. The 3rd Basic movement taken place a week over 10 days during the Palo Alto, Ca, anywhere between which have five teachers JK, SS, LH, and you will NV, and in overall offered approximately 20 degree times.

The newest Input

The latest Enneagram courses contained in this investigation used the Story Society approach. An important function associated with the method is training the fresh Enneagram from the interviewing representatives of your own 9 versions on which is called an effective particular committee. Enneagram form of boards try a training approach that promotes open exploration of each identity form of. A type committee manufactured those who depict the type being looked from the discussing the characteristics and you can limits out-of mind-findings, rational preoccupations, and you can pros and cons of particular (Palmer 1995). Enneagram method of panels made-up anybody currently subscribed to the newest Enneagram way and when requisite attendees away from previous classes you to definitely select that have one of nine version of the Enneagram. Particular boards assist inform latest movement enrollees about the earliest templates of your 9 additional Enneagram systems, and you will because of instructor-facilitated interview into panelists, also help give better skills and insight into this new stayed experiences of 9 additional Enneagram brands.

Didactic learning included lectures, and you can question and answer areas. The didactics regarding research focused on the theoretic structures out-of every type and additionally: (a) variations in rational preoccupations; (b) techniques and you will jobs regarding individual advancement; (c) key viewpoints; (d) driving feelings; (e) attention to patterns and reactivity; and you will (f) characteristics and pressures each and every type.

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